“After The Storm: Dubai’s Massive Cleanup Effort Post Deluge”

“After The Storm: Dubai’s Massive Cleanup Effort Post Deluge”

“DUBAI, April 18 – Dubai, a beacon of modernity in the desert, grappled on Thursday with the formidable challenge of restoring order to its waterlogged streets and rescuing flooded residences, following a historic storm that unleashed a year’s worth of rain in a single day.

Dubai International Airport, a vital global transit point, strained to normalize operations amidst a backlog of flights, while numerous thoroughfares remained submerged in the aftermath of Tuesday’s deluge.

These torrential rains marked the most substantial precipitation witnessed in the United Arab Emirates within the 75-year span of recorded history, bringing much of the nation to a halt and leaving a trail of significant destruction in their wake.”

“The deluge trapped residents in a maze of traffic jams, office buildings, and homes. Numerous individuals reported leaks in their residences, while videos shared on social media depicted malls inundated with water cascading from ceilings.

In Dubai, the UAE’s bustling hub, traffic disruptions persisted despite the resumption of public transportation services. Street closures, detours, and partially submerged roads exacerbated congestion, leading some motorists to resort to driving against the flow of traffic in a bid to evade flooded zones.”

“Dubai Airports’ Chief Operating Officer, Majed Al Joker, informed Al Arabiya TV that he anticipated Dubai International Airport to attain 60-70% operational capacity by the day’s end, with full functionality expected within the next 24 hours.

Efforts to supply food to stranded passengers at the airport faced challenges, as flooded nearby roads and overcrowding restricted access for those with confirmed bookings.”

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