Why bother with a global flood at all? If there was a global flood, then this would complicate all dating to the time before the flood and thus the entire theory of evolution. All the fossils from the strata caused by such a flood would only be a record of life at the moment of global catastrophe, but nothing more. They would not say anything about the development of life, and thus the theory of evolution would only be a wrong interpretation of such a catastrophe.

If a global flood were a reality, what would you expect?

The global flood is depicted in various forms of this story as God’s judgment on humanity, which affected the entire planet. Therefore, I would expect the following:

– the existence of human artifacts buried during the flood

– the transfer of knowledge from an antediluvian civilization – a civilizational leap without a previously recorded development

– something so terrible should be recorded in a variety of cultures

– massive layers of deposits of various materials around the world.

– traces of the subsidence of water in gigantic proportions – canyons, vast plains, etc.

– evidence of “rapid petrification” – both in fossils and in the geological layers themselves

– I would expect the most fossils from those types of animals that do not have the opportunity to escape quickly (shallow water fauna, amphibians, and reptiles.) I would expect the least fossils from animals capable of fast movement (including humans)

– the absence of the existence of organisms that would live here without any interruption in its existence longer than is given for the Flood. Or that the flood destroyed everything and thus everything started anew.

organisms that we have both in the form of fossils and in living form.

If such a global catastrophe did not occur, what would you expect?

According to the general theses, evidence of the gradual long development of life on Earth could be expected:

– an absence of sediments, because we do not observe the transformation into new geological layers today, except for volcanic activity and local mineral springs.

– no fossils of anything that is subject to rapid decomposition, or will serve as food

– the earth will be filled with a lot of bones if the bones are able to be preserved for many millions of years.

– a thorough record of the gradual development not only of humans but also of all forms of life – no jumps

– no coal seams. Max. local tiny deposits formed similarly to charcoal. However, this would require very specific – hard-to-achieve conditions

– massive layers of clay, or mud, created by the decomposition of organic material accumulated over millions of years

– massive coral reefs growing for millions of years

What does it look like in practice? In essence, we are not witnessing fossilization as it is taught. Today, nothing similar is repeated – no new fossils of living organisms are formed in limestone and sandstone sediments. Layers of clay, mud, or sand do not become stone. New layers of black coal do not form in bogs.

For all forms of life over the last hundreds or thousands of years, we do not find classic fossils, but only bones or various forms of mummification.

We do not witness that, for example, coral reefs prove their uninterrupted existence for several million years.

Also missing are the remains of organic material (clay) to the extent that would correspond to millions of years.

The number of bones that should be here for hundreds of thousands and millions of years does not correspond to the rather poor reality.

What is the evidence for a global flood?

Range of deposits (sediments). In essence, the entire land is covered with sediments that are only interrupted, raised, or compressed by tectonic activity, or covered by volcanic activity. Sediments are not a local but a global issue.

The volume of sediments – it is not a matter of a few centimeters or max. meters, but often hundreds of meters of high layers of sediments all over the world. Sometimes they are colorful alternating layers, but often they are uninterrupted blocks of completely identical material with a height of several tens or even hundreds of meters.

If it is true that the Earth was affected by a global flood several thousand years ago, then it would be worth examining both the theory of evolution and the Bible and similar sources talking about the global flood. Which of these views is true and answers the questions raised by paleontology and geology? Is it possible that the entire theory of evolution is built on a record of global catastrophe, which is mistakenly interpreted as a record of the development of life on earth over millions and billions of years?

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