It may sound like some kind of phrase, but a healthy or correct diet is much more than calories and attention to maintaining body weight in a normal frame. As a matter of fact, this has been repeatedly confirmed by relevant research many years ago.

A correct or healthy diet belongs to the group of important elements related to a healthy lifestyle and it significantly affects good health and beauty. The most important starting point in the life of people who want to change their lifestyle in a positive direction is exactly the right diet. It has a simple reason: you have full control over the process, only if you want and decide to start with a proper and balanced diet.

The quality and quantity of nutrition affect the human body because food is the basic source of energy and nutrients with which we sustain life. With their help, everything necessary for proper growth, development, and constant renewal of tissues and organs is created in the body.

A healthy, i.e. correct and balanced diet prevents the lack of necessary nutrients that can cause improper function and unwanted phenomena in the body. It is not enough to pay attention only to how much food you have taken, because energy needs are met above all. The composition of the ingested food must also be taken into account, thus providing the necessary minerals and vitamins for a psychophysically healthy and functional body. At the same time, of particular importance is the diversity of the consumed nutritional products, which achieves a representation of everything that the human body needs. You should know that a prolonged deficiency of one nutrient soon causes a deficiency of another because most nutrients interact with each other, as is the case with vitamins C and A.

A varied and balanced diet not only provides a good basis for survival but also contributes to something more – additional care and concern for the structure and functionality of the body. Thus, a healthy diet has an anti-inflammatory effect, neutralizes free radicals, creates more collagen, raises the level of the immune system, helps stabilize hormone function and cope with stress.

Does the socially constructed model of beauty that daily media bombards us with photos create an inadequate representation of beauty? In doing so, whether we like it or not, we often compare ourselves to such imposed ideals and measure ourselves against them. I believe that we should not take such stereotypes as a measure of what represents our own and the beauty of the environment. Beauty is acceptance of oneself, radiation of the spirit, character, upbringing, kindness, self-confidence, hygiene habits, not makeup, and software-processed photos.

Beauty also comes from the things you do to feel emotional well-being. You are the embodiment of beauty with all the biological heritage and life experience you have within you. Maybe it’s time to stop with comparisons, accusations, assessments, and expectations and to resist the torrent of everyday life monotony.

A proper and balanced diet can help a lot. It affects many areas of your life – health, happiness, workability, self-esteem, and social life… Start eating right and you’ll be surprised how quickly it will have a domino effect on everything else. With that, you not only show care for yourself but also set a positive example for the near and far environment. In this way, excessive stress is reduced, sleep becomes better, and you become happier and full of energy for more physical activity, which increases self-confidence.

When all of this is summed up, the result is better overall health just because you started eating healthy.

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