An Environmental awareness is the concept of the protecting of the natural environment and things that can harm our environment.

Certainly some of us have seen posters, advertisements, and the like that carry the urge to “Become Green.” But how many of us know what it means to be “green”? This expression can take a variety of forms, but in essence turning green means paying attention to the natural environment and making economic choices that are not harmful to the earth. A very simple and handy example would be to buy a glass or ceramic water bottle instead of using disposable plastic water bottles. Plastic decomposes in an extremely long time and unfortunately a significant percentage of plastic reaches the oceans, where it kills plants and underwater creatures.

“Going green” could also involve using a natural hair care product instead of an aerosol spray container containing toxic substances.

When people ” turn green” they practice environmental awareness . The term means exactly what we expect – to be aware of the natural environment and to make beneficial choices, instead of hurting the earth. In the last few years, environmental awareness has gained increasing attention. It has even become a trend – from small organic houses to organic food.

Green homes and building materials are a great place to start. In recent years, advanced countries have become more aware of harmful building materials such as asbestos, lead paint, lead pipes and more. People can demonstrate environmental awareness by choosing to use building materials that are natural and environmentally friendly.

Energy and water conservation

Energy conservation is another way to demonstrate environmental awareness. An easy way to save energy is to turn off the lights when they are of no use to us. Some people have already started installing solar panels and other alternative energy sources. much potential for solar energy to become current and efficient in the future.

Water conservation is also very important. We should be careful not to waste water by leaving the tap running while brushing our teeth. Water is an extremely valuable natural resource that we do not value enough. In different parts of the globe water is scarce. If we are aware of this, we are taking a huge step in demonstrating environmental awareness.

Purchasing, recycling and activism

Obviously, recycling is another important part of the environmental awareness demonstration. However, others who are extremely passionate about this issue become activists. They may march in protest or hold rallies / events. As we can see, environmental awareness takes many forms, and each person must realize what specific practices work for them.


Unfortunately, people cut millions of acres of trees for industrial purposes. This not only endangers biodiversity but also contributes to the greenhouse effect by removing carbon sinks that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Reducing global warming

It goes without stating that global warming is important. This is because it is the most current threat to our planet. Therefore we should reduce our carbon footprint and there are a number of simple ways to do this. Here are some of them:

Duplex printing of documents


Switch off/Power off computers and other electrical equipment before leaving the office

Planting trees

Cycling to the office or college

Do change business travel with video conferencing as often as possible

Small things accumulate very quickly, and the more we do, the less carbon dioxide we produce.

Everyone has a responsibility to be more environmentally friendly, and reducing their carbon footprint can be achieved through minor lifestyle changes. It is essential to teach children and adults alike about the importance of environmental awareness to ensure that the lives of future generations are safe. It is not very fair for the serious environmental consequences of our actions to be experienced by future innocent generations.

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